How to stop food cravings in their tracks with these six snacks

by frank-stuart

There is no faster way to ruin all of your healthy eating and exercise than indulging in a craving. Whether you have a sneaky chocolate bar at lunchtime or a few biscuits in the morning with your 10 o’clock tea, those little snacks could be the difference between gaining that beach body and having to work even harder at the gym.

Well we all know that sometime you just have to give into your cravings (especially at the 3pm slump) so why not make your next snack a healthy one. To help you make the switch, the team at ACPE have gotten together and listed their favourite healthy snacks. Perfect for that quick post-gym pickme-up or afternoon treat, these treats will mean you’ll never feel guilty about indulging in your cravings again (you’re welcome).

Stopping those mid-morning or afternoon cravings is easy

Swap that chocolate biscuit or cup of soup for one of these healthy snacks and watch as your cravings disappear.

1. Frozen grapes – If you’re like me and suffer from a sweet tooth (especially in the afternoon), then why not eat a handful of frozen grapes. Perfect for those hot summer days, this refreshing treat will help you beat those sugar cravings while helping you stay bikini ready.
2. Celery and peanut butter – This fun but filling treat is perfect for people who have a little more time on their hands to snack. Whether you are sitting at your computer or waiting for class to start, this snack will keep you full right up until dinnertime.
3. Beef jerky – If you’re serious about boosting your protein intake, then why not have this healthy snack in your bag. With a surprising 10:1 ratio of protein to fat, this low carb treat is perfect for keeping your guns looking their best.
4. Greek yoghurt – Indulging in a tub of plain, non-fat Greek yoghurt will help to not only keep away those cravings, but it will help to keep your metabolism working all day long. Add in 100 grams of anti-oxidant berries or a scoop of protein powder to give your snack an extra nutritional boost.
5. Popcorn – Did you know that a single cup of air-popped popcorn contains around 31 calories? This means that you can snack on a small bowl of this delicious treat without feeling guilty.
6. Cocoa powder – Are you looking for a way to satisfy your sugar cravings without having to eat dark chocolate? Well why not add a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to your next protein shake or smoothie.

Want to learn more about good nutrition and eating healthy? Then just check out some of the AIAS blog articles or come on down to the ACPE Open Day and ask one of our guest speakers or elite athletes (you know they will have some good tips).


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