Studying health science: Why it makes sense

by frank-stuart

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Are you working with your favourite sports team? Perhaps you have opened up a health clinic in your local community. Maybe you have no idea where you’ll be in five years but you do know that it will be in the health industry.

Well if you’ve got a burning desire to help others stay mobile, understand the human body or just improve the health and wellbeing of your community, then a health science degree  has your name written all over it.

It is never too late to get moving into the health sciences

Are you currently studying a degree that you’re not interested in? Do you want to follow your passion for health and science? Well if you continue to be drawn to the Health Sciences, then why not embrace your passion and begin your dream career – just like current ACPE student Kathleen did!

“In my first year at ACPE I found that I thrived in my science subjects and thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the way the science department structures itssubjects.

The science department really know how to help everyone reach their highest potential. It is the little things that matter; from the straight forward lecture slide structure to the online videos and assessment rubrics.”

The future looks bright for health science graduates

Did you know that your journey to success doesn’t stop after you’ve turned your love for health and science into a recognised qualification? When you have a health science degree from ACPE under your belt, you can continue to nurture your skills in the field that you love for years to come. Just check out where Kathleen is planning to take her degree.

“My plans at the moment are to do a post-graduate degree in a health science field (have not decided which field yet) and see where I go from there. I would love to eventually end up teaching at a tertiary level and pass on the knowledge that I have gained at ACPE.”

Why it makes sense to study at ACPE

Whether you are looking for flexible online study options or a campus experience that you’ll never forget, ACPE are the ones to call. Having helped passionate students get moving into their dream career since 1917, why would you trust anyone else with making your sporting, health, dance or education dreams come true? Even Kathleen has some choice words for passionate students looking to study at ACPE:

“Enjoy your time here – it is a fantastic opportunity to make heaps of friends with peers and staff. It’s a really small environment which makes it exceptionally friendly and welcoming – something that’s rare in a tertiary institution.”


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