Have a sweet week with these protein packed desserts

by frank-stuart

Sometimes it is just near impossible to ignore the subtle callings of a chocolate bar, slice of cake or a gelato cone. So what do you do when you know that a spoonful of peanut or cashew nut butter is just not going to cut it? Well thankfully there are a number of alternative ways to keep your sweet tooth satisfied, with protein packed cookies, cakes and bars making a delicious return to the active individual’s diet.

Seven protein packed desserts you MUST try

Regardless of whether you have a chronic sweet tooth or you’re looking for a healthy post-workout treat, these protein-packed treats have your name written all over it – you’re welcome.

1. High-protein cinnamon cake bars
2. Double-Rich Chocolate Protein Cookies
3. Protein Tiramisu cake
4. Homemade protein-packed peanut butter cups
5. Cappuccino cloud cheesecake
6. Shortbread protein pow cookies
7. Peanut butter & cranberry cookies

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