Six ways to look forward to your next workout

by frank-stuart

I bet (just like me) that you have read over that headline a few time. I also bet that you have begun to ask yourself “How could you possibly look forward to a workout – are you crazy?” Perhaps you’ve resided to the fact that “clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about”. Well to be honest you are half right (I am a little crazy), but after you read my six tips to making your next workout more fun you’ll understand why I’m coming from.

1. Bring a buddy: This is honestly the easiest way to ensure that you not only have a great workout, but that you actually complete one. Whether you spot each other or are at the front of a Zumba class, exercising with a mate makes even the most gruelling session a little more bearable
2. Try a class: Mix up your normal exercise routine by throwing in a dance, boxing or cardio class. As it gets warmer outside you could even add in a few laps at the pool or a couple of kilometres on the bike – it’s all up to you
3. Crank up the tunes: Nothing gets you pumped up like listening to a great tune. Choose something with a great bass to boost your run or play something a little softer while testing out those new yoga moves
4. Track your progress: With so many new fitness trackers and apps on the market, you would have to be silly not to use them.From measuring your heart rate to tracking how many steps you’ve done in a day, keeping track of your progress can help you get the most out of your workout
5. Learn something new: If you are finding new and creative reasons not to exercise, then perhaps it’s time to try something new. Martial arts, CrossFit or even hot yoga can be used to get you back into the swing of things
6. Set a reward: Want to buy a new pair of sneakers or bag? Then why not set a fitness goal. By setting and achieving goals you can ensure that you not only stick to your exercise plan but that you get those little treats along the way

Now do you have more motivation to exercise? Do you want to pump up your next run with some killer tunes? Well regardless of what exercise, sport or fitness questions you have, the team at ACPE have the answers. Just have a read through our blog or contact one of our Student Enrolment Advisors and discover how easy it is for you to get moving into your dream career.


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