Where can you work as a personal trainer?

by frank-stuart

Personal training has become extremely popular over the last few years as the industry continues to grow and thrive. While most people would consider using their personal training expertise to work in gyms and health clubs – a viable and extremely popular option – there is a whole range of work spaces a personal training career can take you. Indeed, personal trainers can work almost anywhere. If you’re keen on pursuing a career in this field, here is a list of some of the places you could find work.

Gym or health club

Naturally, the most popular place of employment for personal trainers is a gym or health club. Gyms and health clubs are a great stepping stone for personal trainers who have just been certified. It allows you to hone your craft, while also hopefully building your own client base, if you so wish.

Corporate Fitness Training

As many workplaces encourage group exercise as a way to increase productivity, corporate fitness training is starting to grow in popularity. Your work would involve devising and implementing exercise regimes for groups of employees to help build team morale and reduce absenteeism by contributing to the general health of employees.

Sports Club Trainer

Personal trainers may also be employed in sports clubs – from professional to amateur – devising programs for players and enhancing the performance of athletes. Becoming a sports trainer, however, takes time and also involves training for special needs. It’s also an extremely competitive field – especially if you want to work in a professional club. But there is great potential, nonetheless.


The great thing about personal training is that there is always the option of self-employment. If you have the skills and motivation, you can opt to start your own personal training business. You are only limited by your imagination about what this could entail. If your passion lies in cycling, why not open a cycling studio? If you’re interested in special needs training, you could open classes for certain special needs groups (like children or the elderly). You could start your own boot camp classes. You could also offer personal training classes in your clients’ homes or from your own home (if you have the correct equipment).

Fitness Facility Manager

If you want to be more involved in the administration side of the fitness industry, then you might look at a career as a fitness facility manager. This involves overseeing the operation of fitness facilities such as recreation centres, aquatic centres, sporting arenas or gyms.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

ACPE offers a range of Fitness and Sports Science courses that will kick-start your career as a personal trainer. Our sister college, ACPE Academy, we offer three personal training courses to kick start your career – the Certificate III in Fitness, Certificate IV in Fitness and Cert III & IV Combo.

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