How much are you worth? Setting realistic PT fees for your clients

by frank-stuart

Do you know what your clients expect from you? Are you 100% certain that their fitness program will get them to where they want to be? Want to raise your PT prices but not sure you’re worth it? These are common questions that each and every Personal Trainer will ask themselves through the course of their career. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor, gym or home based Personal Trainer, as understanding the delicate balance between what you’re worth & what your clients expect is vital for the success of your business.

Values & Expectations

Deciding on what you’re worth and finding the right way to communicate this with your clients, will ensure that everyone has clear expectations about what to expect when you work together. In order to put a price on your skills, it is important to first consider what ‘value’ you can bring to your clients health & wellbeing.

Do you have the technical and personal skills required to help them reach their specific goals? Are you experienced enough to help people of all ages, some of who may suffer certain medical conditions? Once you can answer these questions then you will be more comfortable in outlining your Personal Training fees. The following sections will show you how to uncover not only what expectations your clients have but how much you can charge them for your expertise.


What do your clients want?

Once you understand your client’s motivations and reasons for seeing a Personal Trainer, you will be better able to tailor them a program. The initial conversation that you have with your client will help to shed light on not only their motivation for seeing you, but what their expectations might be. Once you know what your client is looking for and how much time / money they’re willing to spend, then you can start negotiating your price. Below is a list of the most common questions that you can ask your clients in order to get a better picture about their Personal Training expectations.

  1. What is motivating you to see a PT?
  2. What is your price range?
  3. What type of workouts are you looking to complete?
  4. How many sessions are you planning on completing a week?
  5. What is stopping you from reaching your goals?

There may be numerous other questions that you would like to ask your clients, just ensure that they are relevant to your client and their health/fitness. This article from experiencelife will shed more light on what your clients might be looking for during a PT session.

What are you worth?

This is probably the trickiest part in creating the foundations for your Personal Training business. How do you make enough profit to not only cover the cost of equipment and rent (if you’re gym based), but to make a living? What should a typical session cost? Should you charge more for certain workouts? The answer to each of these questions depends on not only your own financial expectations, but on the skills that you can offer your clients.

If you have attained extra training in Boxing or Combat Sports then why not charge extra for these classes? If the majority of your workouts can be completed outside then why not ditch the gym rental fees and hit the local park? The important thing to remember when deciding if your clients should pay $50 for a training session or $100, is are they getting the physical results that they expect? New comers to Personal Training may also decide to offer training sessions at a discounted rate, with ‘Workout Bundles’ another great option for PT’s who want to ensure a more stable financial future.

Want to know more about setting the PT prices? Then just check out this article from Entrepreneur.

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