PE teachers foster life skills beyond the sporting field

by frank-stuart

PE has many benefits that go beyond just the physical. Children that play sport learn the skills needed to deal with challenges, form lasting friendships, and often concentrate better in class. PE teachers therefore play a vital role in instilling important life lessons in students.

Looking back we probably all remember a time when our school PE teacher had us outside to complete a few laps of the oval or play a game of rounders with our classmates.

As much as we may have fought it at the time, we would re-enter the classroom with an invigorated sense of achievement, mateship, and a sense of determination to run harder next time or not drop that catch!

Better health and classroom performance

The major benefit of PE is physical. PE helps to promote a basic level of fitness in children, and they are also often much more likely to be happy to settle down and concentrate in class if they have been out having fun and chasing a ball around with their mates for 45 minutes.

Important life lessons

Playing team sport during PE lessons has an invaluable impact on kids and their general outlook on life. Playing sport with a team allows children to explore their sporting skills, and their ability to challenge themselves under pressure. It teaches resilience and that they don’t have to be the best – they just have to try their best – and the reward is self-satisfaction and self-pride.

Encouraged by their PE teacher to take little steps each week children learn to focus on where they need to improve and with determination and focus they can soon see the benefit of hard work and practice – important long-term life lessons.

The spirit of mateship

PE also teaches children the value of being part of a team. Lifelong friendships can be made through sport, and the spirit of mateship and inclusion can inspire children to work hard and do their best so they don’t let their team down. Playing team sport gives kids an important focus – a goal to show up and play for the team and above all, enjoy themselves.

PE teachers more valuable than we think

PE teachers are the ones responsible for encouraging children to get the most out of playing a variety of sports, to run harder, throw further, jump higher, reach that personal goal and keep active! Being a PE teacher can be a rewarding and inspiring job.

At ACPE, a PE teacher degree not only gives students the ability to teach secondary school children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but also encourages them to develop the passion to motivate, challenge and inspire – life skills they can then pass on to their own students.

The value of a PE teacher and their input in a teenager’s education and willingness to participate in sport can never be underestimated. The lessons learned in PE can make a difference in children’s lives well into the future.

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