Using Sport to Develop Communities at Home and Abroad

by frank-stuart

Sports are a fundamental part of Australian culture and participating in sport has been proven to have a number of benefits. By its very nature, sport is about participation and co-operation, and it brings people and communities together, both in Australia and abroad. If you have ever wanted to help develop communities and help promote general health and fitness among young people, PE teaching could be the ideal career for you. After completing a PE teacher degree, you will have access to a range of different opportunities both in Australia and overseas to work with communities of all different backgrounds to help them come together in a positive way.

How can sport help to develop communities?

Here are some of the ways that sport can help develop communities all over the world:

  • By fostering co-operation and interaction between people from different backgrounds.
  • By teaching participants qualities and skills like discipline and leadership, and giving them self-confidence.
  • By reducing social isolation and giving people opportunities to develop friendships.
  • By providing opportunities for employment and economic growth in underdeveloped communities and rural areas.
  • By giving young people an alternative to unhealthy lifestyle habits like drug abuse and overeating.
  • By providing a supportive environment, which can help keep young people away from criminal activities.

Sports can help people of all ages in communities all over the world, not just young people. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and participate in programs to teach sports to children and adults of all ages from different countries.

How do I qualify to teach sports?

Your level of qualification will depend on who you want to work with and where.

Many volunteer programs don’t require anything more than a basic knowledge of the sport you are teaching and a lot of enthusiasm. If you want to work with children or adults in your local community, it is well worth getting in touch with local community and sporting organisations and finding out what qualifications you would need to work with them.

If you want to make a career out of teaching sport and working with communities, you can get qualified as a PE or sports teacher through an undergraduate degree or a Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education). This will allow you to work with children in primary and secondary schools throughout Australia and in schools overseas.

Participating in sports has so many benefits for people from all different communities and through teaching sport you can make a real difference in their lives. A teaching degree or postgraduate qualification in education can open doors to a career working with communities and helping them develop through sporting activities.

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