5 steps to encourage and motivate physical education in students

by frank-stuart

If you’re studying to become a PE or Dance Teacher, you might be aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to encourage and motivate students to participate in physical activity. Here are five simple steps that you can implement to make physical activity more enjoyable and less of a chore.

1. Set goals

Goal setting is an integral part of motivating students to partake in physical activity. Short and long term goals are a helpful way for students to monitor their progress and behaviour and give them something tangible to achieve. It’s important to encourage students to set goals that can be broken down into smaller steps. Students can then to try reach these goals, while assessing and revising their progress. You should also create opportunities for discussing and encouraging these goals.

2. Make it fun

Find sports and activities that students will enjoy and ensure that you keep the routine varied and interesting. Request feedback from students about what they would enjoy and take that feedback into consideration when creating a lesson plan. Students are more likely to be motivated to participate in physical activity when they are doing something that they find fun.

3. Provide feedback, encouragement and celebrate success

As with asking students for feedback, it’s important to provide students with relevant and timely feedback as well. Ensure that you provide regular, constructive and specific feedback about students’ progress in class and suggest ways that they can improve where necessary. As well as feedback, ensure that you are at all times encouraging and celebrate successes. This helps students build confidence and overall self-esteem and also motivates them to continue physical activity.

4. Develop Awareness and Active Participation

Instead of just instructing students about their health, make them active contributors and part of the decision-making process. This will raise awareness and ensure students are held accountable for, and keep a level of interest, in their health. You could ask your students to keep a diary to record the amount of physical activity they partake in during the day and to write down their goals and things that motivate them.

5. Be Passionate About PE Teaching

As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to be passionate about your role as an educator. It would be near impossible to motivate your students if you, yourself, don’t enjoy your work. When your students see how passionate you are about teaching physical education, it will inspire them to feel the same.

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