ACPE Lecturer Jay Ellis to present at World Congress on Science and Football

by frank-stuart

Our very own Jay Ellis, lecturer at ACPE, has been invited to present at this year’s World Congress on Science and Football. Here is a little about what he had to say about his involvement.

“In short, very honoured! While I have experience working in professional sport, I am relatively new to the academic game. My entire career, I have worked extremely hard to educate and upskill myself in all areas possible. All this work that I’ve done thus far is to provide a positive influence on not only the people around me but my industry as a whole. I see this presentation next week as a huge opportunity to provide a positive influence on the industry by discussing the topic of “facilitating the career growth of young sports professionals,” he said.

This is not just an excellent opportunity for ACPE’s Jay Ellis, it does come with responsibility. He is hoping that this presentation is just the start in a change of how we transition students from gaining knowledge in university to apply it within professional sport.

“I have been invited to speak at this event from HUDL.”

“HUDL is a world-renowned leading analytical software that is used by 95% of professional sporting teams around the world.”

HUDL provides amazing platforms that enable students to gain firsthand experience of what it’s like to assess, evaluate and interpret athletic performance. Jay will be discussing the value of this product and how it helps the sports performance team here at ACPE provide industry relevance to all our material he said.
From the information Jay has received thus far a large amount of people in attendance are from leading universities not only in Australia but from around the world.

“Because this event is heavily focused on football, there will also be a strong representation from Australian football clubs, all codes included.”

“If I didn’t have the privilege of speaking at this event – it is certainly one that I would look to attend simply to be able to gain and share knowledge,” he said.
Amongst the networking opportunities. I am quite excited to be able to network with some of the leading professors around the world and share my experience of going through an internship program and how I was able to use my university knowledge and apply it in the industry.

Jay said that he believes it is really important for sporting clubs to be able to network with universities and researchers from around the globe on the current behaviours and trends. For our sports to improve, we need to understand more about the people and practices involved.

“This event provides an excellent opportunity to be able to network and share great ideas within such a complex field of sport.”

As mentioned previously HUDL invited Jay to be a speaker at the World Congress on Science and Football. The emphasis Jay places on effective communication and relationship building is a stand out example as to why he was afforded this opportunity.

“Over the past few years, HUDL and I have been able to effectively communicate what is best for not only the industry but our students and through that they have given me an excellent platform to share my key message.”

“We both share the same objective in making the industry better – they are doing this by providing world-class software, and ACPE is achieving this by providing junior analysts that are ready to compete in the industry.”

Jay considers this to be a tremendous honour, and he very much looks forward to seeing the opportunities that this opens up for the junior analysts that have been doing the hard work.

Jay truly believes that ACPE is a wonderful educational provider that cares deeply about their students, while this presentation is heavily focused on the recent achievements within performance analysis of ACPE students, it is important for everyone to remember that ACPE is achieving this success by facilitating the career growth of young sports professionals across multiple departments.

“This keynote presentation will be vital in the progression phase of developing students for the industry.”

“I believe the college will be at the forefront of developing some of the best performance analysts within the next couple of years,” Jay said.

Jay remains humble in his sentiment: “The people I work with are exceptional at what they do, but we all understand that there is no time to rest on our laurels – we haven’t achieved anything yet!”

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