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by frank-stuart

Nailing your HSC Business Studies exam requires a bit more than looking great in a tailored suit. For this exam, you need to focus on getting a good foundational knowledge of how business works. What are the basic roles and structures within a business, and how are these impacted by various factors?  Well firstly keep some real-life examples in mind, as these will help you understand the processes you’ve just been asked to explain. Secondly…you should read our eBook!

That’s right guys, we here at ACPE have gathered together the greatest study tips and tricks, perfect for getting you 100% prepared for any HSC exam (You’re welcome!).  So what types of tips will you find in our eBook?

1. Be concise

Busy professionals don’t have a lot of time to read through pages and pages of content, so write accordingly. Get your point across clearly and quickly – point form is your friend.

2. Second guessing yourself is not good. Is it? No, it isn’t.

A large part of your business HSC is made up of multiple choice questions. When in doubt – go with your first instinct! Changing your mind at the last moment or spending ages on the question will not work in your favour.

3. Be organised

To get the maximum grade for those intimidating larger questions, you need a plan. Outline the points you want to make in a summary then expand on those. Seeing how much ground you have to cover will help you make the most out of the short time you have left.


This is just a teaser…

For more expert tips on totally killing it this HSC season, download our free ebook! You’ll find even more hints on nailing your HSC Business Studies exam along with much, much more.


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