Chris Butson: Why ACPE was the perfect fit for me

by frank-stuart

From the very beginning, current student Christopher Butson knew that he wanted to study at ACPE. It wasn’t just his high school friends (come ACPE students) that bragged about the College, it was Chris’s passion for health and wellbeing that drove him to turn his love of health and science into a dream career at ACPE.

“A constant involvement and interest in everything science, sport and nutrition related inspired me to study at ACPE.”

Since he began studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise), Chris has had numerous memorable moments. From meeting new people to surprising himself with what he has learnt (and the marks he has received), Chris’s first year at ACPE has be nothing short of amazing.

“What has been one of my most memorable moments at ACPE? Well some of the lecturers provide a fair bit of entertainment – but that is another story! ”

Even though Chris is only a couple of semesters into his degree, his future prospects are looking good. Although his dream career is still taking shape, Chris knows that his qualification from ACPE will be his ticket to success.

“In five years’ time I plan to have graduated from a post-graduate degree and working in a job relating to my field (health science). I know that my degree from ACPE will give me what I need to enter further study – regardless of what it is.”

So what advice does Chris have for passionate people who are thinking about studying at ACPE in 2016?

“Choose a course that is in line with your interests. If you don’t enjoy what you are studying you will set yourself up for failure. If you have a genuine interest in the material then learning it will seem more relevant and easier to retain.”

Do you want to know more about what life will be like for you on campus? Interested to see what our new facilities will look like? Prefer to know more about studying online? Well contact one of our friendly team, have a campus tour and stop imagining what your time at ACPE will look like – and just live it!

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