HSC Drama exam; Create some drama with ACPE

by frank-stuart

Even if you are a natural performer, studying for the HSC Drama exam can be tough.

You’ll need to prepare for a few different components, including written responses, a group performance and an individual project.

Sounds incredibly threatening, but you can do this! We’ve put together a few pointers for each key component of this HSC so that you will be totally prepared to knock the socks off your examiners.

For the written responses:

In the written response sections, students are required to get their opinions down on paper after careful analysis and interpretation of the topic. The best way to prepare? Read and test yourself! Having a robust knowledge of the texts will give you a head up when it comes to answering specific questions and scenarios. As you’re reading through a text, stop and ask yourself – what is the significance of this passage? Why is this character acting or feeling a certain way? You’ll quickly become a pro at analysing and understanding dramatic situations.


For the group performance:

The group performance section requires you to work with a group in order to perform a piece of original theatre. Hopefully you’ve already done the hard yards for this one (have you been charting your progress in the logbook?), but you know what they say – practice makes perfect! Get your group together as often as possible to run through lines and nuances of your performance. Too busy to meet up regularly as a group? Talk through your own part in the mirror or test out your dramatic performance in front of willing (or unwilling) family members – always entertaining.

For the individual project:

In this component, you’ll be presenting a project solo! Not to fear though, this is one that you will have known about since the beginning of your Year 12 drama class. At this stage you should just be finalising your project, and that means that reviewing is KEY! Run through the whole thing from the beginning to make sure that your project is free from typos & grammatical errors, and that it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things. It’s easy to go off-track somewhere in the middle of a large assignment like this – reviewing will ensure that your project is making the point you set out to make, from beginning to end!

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