So you think you can dance!

by frank-stuart

Do you have the moves like Jagger? Are you known as the dancing queen of your group? Think you have what it takes to be a professional dancer? Well if you think you can dance then we here at ACPE have the perfect test for you. Just have a look through these dance-loving memes and if you can answer yes to all of them, then you are well on your way to becoming lord of the dance!

Five memes that prove you are actually a dancer

1. You’re going to get your ‘dance on’ with our without an audience


2. You naturally strike a dance pose – even when standing in line at the store


3. You understand it takes careful planning to bust out those moves


4. Whenever you go out you are known as THAT friend


5. You understand this movie reference (kind of standard)


So how did you go? Are you a ‘real’ dancer? Do you want to know how you can turn your love of dance into a successful career? Well just have a chat to the rhythmic masters here at ACPE and discover how easy it is to get moving into your dream career – even before you start your exams!


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