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by frank-stuart

We here at ACPE are proud of each of the outstanding successes of each of our students. New, current or alumni, we believe in giving credit where credit is due. So with this in mind we’d like to introduce you first year ACPE student Virackhaly Ngeth.

“Hi I’m Virackhaly Ngeth and I am a dancer with breakdancing being my main dance form. I have now been breakdancing for 15 years.  I have had many great achievements in my years as a dancer, including making it into the top 20 dancers in the first season of Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance. But I would have to say my greatest achievement to date would be my 3-4 year world tour working for DreamWorks on their “How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular”.

During this world tour I played one of the main casts “RUFFNUT” and being one of four Australians chosen after two world-wide auditions gave me a sense of achievement I never would have imagined I could gain.”

Currently completing his first year of a Bachelor of Applied Dance, Virackhaly was looking for a way to combine this love of dance with a rewarding career – this is when he turned to ACPE. Having danced professionally for the majority of his life, Virackhaly wanted to take his love of dance to the next level and found that ACPE was the perfect place for him:

 “I chose to study at ACPE due to a number of reasons. Mainly upon research for institutions, I found ACPE among the most interesting. Having received phones calls from the student services to ensure I was fitted for the course made me feel that the college has their students’ best interest in mind.”

As a professional dancer beginning his studies in the dance industry, Virackhaly has a few inspirational words for fellow students. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or just beginning your dream career at ACPE, Virackhaly has some personal advice just for you:

“The biggest advice I could give to students, is to not let anyone say you are not good enough or that you can’t get what you want! Never take ‘NO’ for an answer. Remember that life is full of ups and downs and if something bad were to happen, you just have to remember that it is in the past and you cannot change it. By making it a positive thing and learning from it you will ensure that it doesn’t happen again. You only live once so make it a life worth living – be happy and enjoy.”

Even though Virackhaly has just started his course, he has become familiar with the professional services and facilities available at ACPE.  Virackhaly has also opened up about his favourite thing so far about studying at ACPE

“One of my favourite things about studying at ACPE has to be the vibe that the college brings and the students that attend the school.”

Want to know what you’re in for when you study at ACPE? Interested to know more about the professional teaching facilities available to on-campus students? Well if you’re ready to take your professional sporting skills to the next level, contact one of our Student Enrolment Advisors or book in a campus tour.


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