What are you doing to give back? ACPE students are helping Cambodian Children’s Fund

by frank-stuart

Established in 2011 by ACPE visionary and Student Services Manager Kellie Maxwell, the Cultural Experience Program strives to help educate impoverished children in Cambodia. This three-week volunteer program sees fifteen ACPE students travel to Cambodia to help the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) teach local children the benefits of being active.

Whether they are studying sport, dance, health or education, passionate ACPE students are given the opportunity of a lifetime to share their skills with children of all ages.


Helping people is SOO addictive

Before he goes on his next Cultural Experience Program, ACPE staff member David Maxwell talks to us about the change he sees in students who travel to Cambodia; and why this initiative is so important.

“Students very quickly realise how important their skills in teaching young children how to be physically active are when these children have never had the opportunity for structured Physical Education (PE) lessons before.

For many students, the connection that they make with the children at CCF is so profound and strong that the vast majority of students have been part of the program more than once. 2015 will see two students returning for their fourth trip. This means that they have travelled to Cambodia and taught disadvantaged children each year that they have studied at ACPE.

To think that a 22 year-old student graduating from ACPE has travelled to Cambodia on four occasions, implementing their professional skills and experienced profound personal growth from these unique life experiences makes me very proud of this program and highlights the benefits for both the children at CCF and ACPE students. This is exactly why this program was developed and has been so successful.”

Check out what playtime now looks like for the CCF kids

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