Good study habits can set you up for academic success

by frank-stuart

As the semester continues to roll on, now is the perfect time to start really utilising the services and support on offer at ACPE. Whether you need help to set up new study skills or to refine the techniques you already use, we’ve got you covered. The tips that we have listed below will help you not only study effectively, but they will also make the whole process a little less scary.

5 tips to help you study like a pro

1. Set up your study space

Ensuring that you have a space that helps you stay focused and productive is essential in being successful in your studies. This designated space should be free from clutter and distractions, with natural light and access to fresh air also helping to get you in the right mood to study.

2. Create an assessment planner

Creating a list that includes all of the assignments, reports & tests that you have to complete, will help you to stay on top of your work. By planning out what needs to be done & by giving yourself enough time to do it, you will be in a better position to not only complete all of your assessments but to hand them in with confidence.

3. Identify your learning style

Do you know how you learn? Are you more of a visual learner or do you remember content when it is read out? Maybe you work best while practically doing an activity. Depending on how you learn, one or a combination of study techniques can be used to ensure that you remember and understand what you’ve learned. Not sure which learning style will work for you? Then why not take this quick quiz.

4. Take a break

Even though you may be tempted to just sit down and do all of your study in one big block, there are definitely benefits in spreading it out. Not only will taking small breaks help you to stay focused, but it will also ensure that you give your brain a break from all of that researching and note taking. Even a short walk around the block will help you to refocus and recharge your batteries.

5. Reward yourself

It is important that you remember to reward yourself for all of that studying and note taking. Whether you have finished that online quiz or completed the research for your report, taking some time to congratulate yourself will keep you motivated and engaged with your studies. Having a to-do list that you can tick off or a post-it-note that you can scrunch up is also a great way to physically mark a job well done.


Have these tips helped you? Still want to know more? If you are looking to create an individualised study style, then why not organise an appointment with our Academic Development Office and together we will help take the stress out of studying.

Apps to keep you motivated

Why not combine studying with the love you have for your phone, when you download one of these handy study apps. From correcting your spelling to quickly creating a bibliography for your report, you can be sure that there is a study app out there for you. Download one or all of these exceptional apps today and discover how studying can be both easy & fun.

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