Looking for a home to study? Mid-Year Options

by frank-stuart

While March is the usual starting month in the academic calendar, some people opt for mid-year entry. They may do so because mid-year entry affords them flexibility or because they’re changing career paths. Mid-year entry can also be advantageous for professionals who are looking to up-skill or build their career opportunities. We look at some of the reasons for and advantages of starting a new course mid-year.


Sometimes mid-year is a great choice for busy professionals or other people who are looking for flexibility for the course commencement time. For example, you might have deferred university for a period of time to travel, or you might have had to defer due to some unforeseen event.

Perhaps you wanted to take some time off to earn more money or for a break from studying. Whatever your reason for deferring, it’s reassuring for those who need the flexibility to know that they can start mid-year and not have to wait and lose out on half a year.

Changing Career Paths

Mid-year options are suitable for those who are changing career paths or want to up-skill and build their career opportunities without having to wait for six months for the new academic year to begin.

Alternatively, you may have had commitments at the beginning of the year which prevented you from starting the course, or you may have needed some extra time to arrange your return to study after working.

Sometimes there are options at the institution for you to catch-up through summer school so you can still graduate with that year’s commencing class. Those who are up-skilling and building on career opportunities could find the opportunity to save on time by enrolling mid-year to be invaluable.

Looking for New Home

Others students start mid-year because they’re looking for a new home. They might have tried a course and decided that they didn’t like it, or that it wasn’t what they had in mind. Enrolling mid-year allows those who are embarking on a new course to save on time and launch quickly into a new course without a waiting period.

Missed Out on a Place

Other students who start mid-year might have arrived because they originally missed out on a place for their first preference. As many colleges and universities make additional places available mid-way through the academic year, applying for mid-year entry can be a pathway for anyone looking to earn a place in the course that they’ve always wanted to study.

Returning to Studies

Some who choose mid-year entry are returning to studies after a significant period away from study. This may be because they were working, travelling, or took an extended break from their course after commencing it many years ago. Mid-year entry allows them to enter the program at a time might be more suitable for people balancing other commitments.

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