Am I going to make friends at college?

by frank-stuart

The thought of starting over somewhere new is always daunting. Leaving school and heading off to college is particularly overwhelming.  New place, new timetable, new teachers….and for some, the number one worry, new friends?

The good news is, you don’t have to stress about this aspect of college because you’ll be making new friends in no time. Remember, everyone starting college is new and everyone will be feeling the same way.

We’ve come up with some helpful tips for making friends at college.

  • Pre-Semester events – Some colleges offer pre enrolment days, information days and even orientation weeks (better known as O-Weeks). Get involved in any events that start before the semester and you could make friends before the study year begins. How great would it be to have a familiar face on your first day?
  • Talk to fellow students – Try and find an interest point with your fellow students. Take notice of the little things and you’ll find loads of conversation starters. Maybe someone is wearing an outfit you like, or wearing their favourite sporting team’s cap, playing a particular iPhone app, or the easiest of all, “what are you studying this year?”.Find a common interest point and try to strike up a conversation.
  • Participate in extra-curriculum activities – Find out if the college has special interest groups such as a sporting team, a book club, an arts program, a band. Find an activity you like and sign up – it’s a fantastic way to meet students who have similar interests to your own.
  • Attend College events – Find out if the college runs any out of hour’s events. These are a great opportunity to meet fellow students and have some fun away from the study environment.
  • Join the College Facebook page – Become a friend of the college’s Facebook page and you can engage with fellow students in a less-confronting environment. You’ll get to know what other students are interested in, what they have been up to and it will be easier to start a conversation next time you see them in the hall.
  • Group Assignments – Quite often you can be given a group assignment by your lecturer. Try and join a different group of people each time. That way you’ll get to meet lots of different students in your class and find out which ones you share similar interests with.
  • Get out and about – Don’t put yourself in the corner. Try and spend your out of class time in the common areas around the college. Whether it is the local café, the park, computer lab or even the lunch room. If you position yourself in an area where other students are spending their spare time, you’ll be more likely to meet new people.
  • Be friendly and confident – Last but not least, a smile goes a long way and will make you more approachable to others. Just be friendly and confident in yourself and people will feel more comfortable around you.

Remember, going to college is all about new experiences. You’ll meet loads of people from different walks of life. Just be yourself, get involved as much as possible and have a positive attitude. You’ll be sure to have a group of friends in no time!

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