Making Technology Work for You: Effective Apps for Smart Study

by frank-stuart

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate, and the way we manage our lives from one day to the next. It can sometimes be tempting to fill your phone with games and gossip. Yet apps aren’t just about entertainment. There is now a whole range of applications out there that can help you manage your study and work routine to best effect.


Any.DO is a simple app designed to help you get organised. Simply click on the plus sign to add things you need to do, or remember, and the app will categorise your to-do list into sections for today, tomorrow, this week and later. You can add reminders for any or all tasks, easily edit items, and even share them with others via Facebook or email.

Availability: Free for Apple iOS and Android.

Remember the Milk

This is similar to Any.DO, but with a few extra features. You can add and edit items, flag a location for each task, set up repeat tasks and mark each task according to importance (from high to low). Remember the Milk can sync with other devices, or the web (for a fee).

Availability: Free for Apple iOS and Android.

Orchestra To-Do

This intuitive app is ideal if you want to share plans – and lists – with others. You can add items, set one-off or recurring reminders, and share them with a partner, family members or small group. There are also voice recognition and chat functions.

Availability: Free for Apple iOS.


This is a nifty organisational app that’s super simple to use – and it looks great. What makes it different from other lists is that it’s gestural based (that means you use swipes and finger gestures on screen just as you do with an iPhone). After typing in items, you can swipe to open or delete, pull down the list to create a new item, or squeeze it shut to close the list or open a sub list. Bear in mind that Clear doesn’t have a reminder option, so it’s simply gives you a colour-coded list of things you need to do, and it’s up to you to do them!

Availability: $1.99 for Apple iOS.

Astrid Tasks/To-do List

According to the makers, Astrid has been downloaded 3.5 million times, so there’s no doubt it’s a popular option, and probably for good reason. You can add and edit lists, set reminders and then sync your to-do list across email, Facebook and Twitter. The app features voice recognition (speak your task and it will automatically be added to your list) and you can access it anywhere via

Availability: Free for Android.
These are just a few of some great organisational apps available. Make some time to investigate your options, look for well-reviewed items, and then try them yourself. With most costing nothing or next-to-nothing, there’s no harm in trying a few to find out which are best suited to your own busy lifestyle.

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