Mind over Matter: Ways to overcome your fears

by frank-stuart

The final years of high school can be exciting as well as enormously challenging. We know it can be tough to stay positive, particularly when you’re not quite sure what career path you want to pursue.

Anything is achievable, no matter how remote the goal might seem. In 2010 a 13-year old boy became the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. The trick is in finding the will and the focused attitude to keep taking small steps forward. The following mind over matter tips might help you stay or become more positive about the future and start to plan a career path.

Building Confidence

Steve Jobs famously said that it’s okay if you don’t know quite where you’re going at the outset. He trusted his intuition that things were going to work out and that everything he was learning was going to come in useful in the future. He talks about the advantage of being a beginner and being free to try new things. That’s exactly where you are today.

So the future isn’t clear yet? Great! Don’t wait for someone else to make choices for you – by all means listen, but make up your own mind.

Not feeling too confident? Try this body language experiment: stand up straight, head up, shoulders back, eyes up. Just for this moment see yourself as a real power broker, at the top of the tree. Keep going with it. Our brains are wired in interesting ways and the very act of changing our body language is reflected in our mind and emotions, producing feelings of confidence. It means the saying: “fake it until you make it” actually has a basis in science.

Setting Goals

Writing something down can be a great way of clarifying your thinking. It can also help you replace unhelpful mental commentary. Instead of thinking: “I’m useless”, every time that thought or similar comes into your head, replace it with something more supportive – like a simple “I’m fantastic”. Or if you have already come up with a clear goal, use that as your supportive thought: “I’m going to make a difference in my community”, or whatever it might be.

The big long-term goals can look overwhelming when you’re standing at the start of the road. The trick is to break them down into small steps, which are typically much easier to achieve. Perhaps you want to be a doctor. What can you do right now, today, to move towards that goal? Looking up medical course entry requirements on the web could be today’s simple achievement.

Keeping Track of Achievements

You never know how far you’ve come until you look back at the road behind you. Do something positive about your goal on a daily basis. Keep a list or record it all on an app. Before long you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come. It’s a good feeling and that too can help you stay positive and moving forward.

Keeping Options Open

Another piece of advice offered by Steve Jobs has been: “Don’t settle”. He was talking about the need to keep on looking until you find great work that you love to do. He has also stressed the importance of following your heart and intuition, rather than other people’s opinions.

Moving Forward

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