Self Motivating Tips

by frank-stuart

When you study as an adult learner, you are generally studying in order to gain a professional qualification that will help you to find work. Unlike basic education, which is required by law, studying as an adult or young adult, is voluntary and that means you’ll need to motivate yourself because there’s probably not going to be anyone telling you to do it. It’s not always easy and you might find some self-motivating tips helpful.

When life gets in the way

Studying requires concentrating on unfamiliar material and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted. Friends, socialising, Facebook, simple inertia – the list of distractions gets longer with every new app. From time to time we also all experience periods of anxiety, doubt and loss of confidence in our abilities and future.

Taking charge

Are you interested in making study less stressful? Taking responsibility for your study program is a great way of avoiding a last minute panic before an exam. No one is going to set a schedule for you, which gives you the opportunity to draw one up to suit your needs and individual learning style. The important thing is to decide to take responsibility for your learning. How and when you schedule background reading, revision and research is entirely up to you, as long as you get it done. Arriving for an exam well-prepared with mind fresh and memory online, is going to be a much less stressful experience than flying in shattered at the last minute because you’ve been up all night.

Keep Going

It’s really important to keep going, even when you’re not entirely clear about the end goal or result. Focusing on the immediate piece of work you’ve set in your study schedule for today can help get you through inertia and set aside worries. Get one small thing done and that often creates enough energy to keep going.

You’ll also typically feel more motivated when you focus on tasks that actually make a difference and move you forward, versus “fillers” that use up time but don’t actually take you very far forward (such as random web surfing).

If you find your mind is starting to focus on negative patterns it’s time to focus on your strengths, advantages and achievements. It’s too easy to discount strengths and focus on what we lack. But did you know that our amazing and inventive minds tend to find examples to support our outlook? Your mind will obligingly find negative examples for you when you’re down and conversely when you focus on creating a positive attitude, it will just as happily bring past successes, positive encounters and achievements to mind.

Making good use of self-motivating tips when necessary can be very helpful when working your way towards a professional qualification at colleges such as ACPE.

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