Get Moving with funding for touring dancers

by frank-stuart

If you are an ACPE student then we know that studies have a pretty good grip on your time at the moment, but the idea of touring a show or performance is something that should motivate you through!

Creating a show or performance that you can tour across Australia and the world is something that dancers live for. We all want to travel, but imagine travelling and showing off your passion to people everywhere…it’s a dream!

As with many grand ideas that include travel: budget usually gets in the way. Fear not! We have drawn up a little list to help you get some much needed cash behind you so that you can tour in a stretch Hummer with champagne all the way and…..just kidding but you get the idea…


AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL: One of the biggest supporters of touring dance, the Australian Council, offers grants to support dance and other performing arts. Their funds can help you tour regionally as well as nationally (See more: Playing Australia Fund)

If you’re ambitious and have the itch to travel a little further than our fair land then chances are you’ll want to tour your show internationally. After all, the more people know about you the more people that will love what you do, right?

There are a few places you can look to for support here, and they are thankfully not the Bank of Mum & Dad.

Grants for international touring

  1. Going Global is a fund to support international touring of contemporary performing arts. You can apply for up to $20,000 for a one-off presentation or up to $50,000 for a tour (yes you read right, that’s $50,000!)
  2. Australia International Cultural Council provides funding for international arts and cultural projects so if your show has a cultural message, this could be for you.
  3. International Performing Arts Markets Travel Fund: Support for Australian independent producers, managers and/or company and artist representatives to attend key international performing arts markets and events (which means you and your whole entourage can attend!)


So what does this all mean? The money you need to perform regionally, nationally or internationally is available. The Australian Council sets out all the conditions and submission processes on their website so heading there is the next step.

(And when you’re rich and internationally famous, don’t forget where you started!)

Get qualified at ACPE, get funded and get moving!


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