Nathan Katz Judo chops to the top with ACPE

by frank-stuart

Nathan has just completed the first semester of his Bachelor of Sports Business at ACPE and has been travelling the world for his sporting career in judo. He’s done some incredible things so far and we can’t resist sharing our students’ success stories.

Nathan received a bronze medal in the 2012 Commonwealth Championship Games and got his first TOP 5 result at a European Junior Event in Lithuania this year, putting him in a great position to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

Balancing commitments

Due to his busy (and around-the-globe!) schedule, Nathan currently does his bachelor studies online. He manages to keep a sense of balance in his life by setting aside at least an hour of each day when he’s not training to get some work done, and more on the weekends (where possible).

“It definitely takes a lot of commitment but I love having something else to think about to take my mind off judo!” he says. “Having a clear goal and direction are key – there are a lot of obstacles and hard days to face, but a sense of purpose and determination will get you through them.”

Future aspirationsnathan_katz_acpe

Life as a full-time athlete is the priority at the moment and Nathan is following his dream of becoming an Olympian, but his future business aspirations remain at the back of his mind.

“In 5 years I hope to be much closer to my lifelong goal of being an Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020, and to have a number of steps in place to start my own business after my competitive career,” says Nathan. “I also hope to do a lot of public and motivational speaking, and to potentially be the difference in making sure young kids follow their dreams.”

“A gold medal is great, but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.”

“This quote from a British National team member has resonated with me,” says Nathan, “I will do whatever I possibly can to fulfil my dreams, but you have to make sure there’s always more to your life then just that goal and sport. You have to let your goal consume you but not take over in a negative way.”

Advice to ACPE students

“At the end of the day, if you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re not going to get very far. Follow your dreams, enjoy what you do and soak up every experience that you receive along the way,” says Nathan

Nathan is well on the way to achieving his goals, and we are 100% behind him in his quest for Olympic greatness!

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