Results are in

by frank-stuart

HSC results are officially in. It’s been a tough year for you and it boils down to this….your ATAR score. But what if your ATAR score isn’t quite as high as you were hoping? It can be pretty disappointing and maybe that course you wanted to enrol in now seems out of reach. Don’t feel like you’ve missed your chance….there are plenty of options to consider.

Getting the career you want doesn’t have to be decided solely by the two-digit number on your high school certificate.

So what are the options?

Specialist institutions

There are some outstanding undergraduate degree programs on offer at specialist institutions that award places based on lower ATAR scores than required at universities.  Do some research and you will be pleasantly surprised by what’s out there.

What about a pathway to university?

There are some strongly established pathways to university through vocational training. Students who complete a Diploma level qualification through a specialist pathway provider can apply for a place in university and transfer their credits if they are accepted. Some Diplomas can qualify you straight into second year Uni so you won’t miss out on a thing!

Look at the courses available

There may be a similar course on offer that require a lower entry score. You could also consider enrolling in a ‘second-choice’ course at university and doing well in first year can often qualify a student for an internal transfer to the course of their original preference.

Delay your studies

Alternatively you may decide to enter straight into the workforce and re-enter your studies as a mature age student in a few years’ time.

Don’t feel alone. There will be thousands of students who didn’t quite get the marks they needed and they will all be looking for alternative ways to get the qualifications for the careers they want.

So get a new perspective on things, remind yourself that you can have the career you want, and you do have options!

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