How to Spend Your Time During Mid-Semester Break

by frank-stuart

The mid-semester break is an excellent time for getting organised, relaxing, and fitting in some social and leisure activities. To make the most of your mid-semester break, start with a clear plan for how you want to spend the time, and don’t forget to enjoy your break.

A Plan for Your Break

Whether your break is a week or several weeks, it’s useful to have a plan for how you want to spend your time. Allocate time for finishing your assignments, relaxing with friends, reflecting on the semester, and catching up on any subject you’re behind in.

Having a plan means you’ll be less likely to leave things to the last minute, or to fall into an unproductive rut during the break. You’ll be able to better manage the free time you have during the break.


Although it’s probably tempting to leave your assignments to the last minute, try to avoid doing this. Finish your assignments as soon as possible, ideally during the first few days, or the first week of your break.

You will be able to relax knowing that all your work is out of the way, and you’ll also be more likely to do well on the assignment. If you find it hard to concentrate because it’s your break time, try changing your study environment. Go to the library and do your assignments there.

Relax, Have Fun

Mid-semester breaks are also about leisure and relaxation, so remember to make time to relax and have some fun. Let your brain relax and unwind. Do the things you enjoy doing, such as catching up with friends, going to the beach, or visiting art galleries and festivals. Connect with others and use the time to recharge your batteries. If you have a fairly long break, consider getting away for a short holiday.

Reflect on the Semester

Break times are good for taking a step back and reflecting on your studies. Look back on the semester so far. What might you have done differently, in terms of study strategy, time management, and extra-curricular activities? Even a few hours of critical reflection can give you some insight on how you want to tackle your studies when the semester resumes.

You might also want to use the time to list a few things you want to achieve for the semester, such as joining a new club, devoting more time to a subject, or exercising more.

Exercise and Health

Don’t neglect exercise and health during your break. Catching up on exercise and taking time to eat well will make you more alert, energetic, and refreshed for the rest of the semester. Exercising and eating well can also help you de-stress more effectively if you’ve been feeling stressed for any reason.

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