Sports Coaching Education: Why it could save your life

by frank-stuart

Okay…so sports coaching itself may not actually save lives, but it seriously could help you save the lives of others. Not in an Emergency Services kind of way, we’re not teaching you how to become a Paramedic, but studies show that the more qualified you are the more safe your players could be. Read on….


An American Study has found that young football players are less likely to get hurt or sustain head injuries when playing for coaches who have been trained in teaching tackling fundamentals. Research from the Sports Injury Research and Prevention Data Centre in the US shows that players who competed under ‘Heads-Up Football’ trained coaches were 34% less likely to get hurt in practice, 29% less likely to get hurt and had a significantly reduced chance of head impacts injuries.

That’s pretty major guys….


The focus of this study was to determine whether coaching education could provide a safer environment on the field. Trained coaches often have a far greater safety and health fundamental knowledge than their non-trained counterparts, but the impact of this on real life coaching situations is significant.

The results also showed that those who played for certified coaches were 76 % less likely to get injured and 57% less likely to sustain injuries that kept them out of action at least 24 hours.

Dr. Tom Dompier, President of The Sports Injury Research & Prevention Group summed up the importance of coaching education:

”In my own mind I think coach education is important and I think the data collected shows that it’s important”

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