What does studying a Bachelor of Dance Education entail? Current student Angela tells all

by frank-stuart

Meet Angela Petrillo, a current ACPE student who is in her first year of studying a Bachelor of Dance Education. We recently caught up with Angela to ask her about her experiences at ACPE and why she decided to choose one of Australia’s oldest sporting institutions to study with.

Why did you decide to become an APCE student?

Choosing to study at ACPE just made sense to Angela, who had a number of friends who had already studied (or who were currently) studying at the Sydney Olympic Park campus.

I heard some amazing things about ACPE and the courses through friends that have studied here, which gave me motivation and encouraged me to apply to ACPE.”

The student culture as well as the continual support that was available from the staff also helped to shape Angela’s decision to join ACPE.

“My favourite thing about studying at ACPE is the friendly, and welcoming environment. All staff and students are extremely friendly and willing to help with any problems we encounter. They offer full support to our studies, which gives a comforting vibe.”

But it is not just all about hitting the books at ACPE, with a range of exciting opportunities available to each of our passionate students. Just take Angela for example, she got to combine her love of dance and performance with her passion for ACPE when she was filmed for the recent ACPE television commercial:

“My most memorable moment is filming the TV advertisement. It was an amazing experience and I was so excited to be one of the faces of ACPE on TV, and have the opportunity to promote the college.”

So where will a qualification from ACPE take Angela?

Well after graduation, Angela plans to work in a high school teaching PHE and dance. As a professional dancer Angela still hopes to squeeze in a few performances, with current stints dancing in Disney Land cementing her desire to work in the performance industry:

“Hopefully I will have a job in a high school teaching, however I would love to still be performing, either on cruise ships, or performing for the public in Australia. My ACPE degree will give me the qualifications to be able to teach dance and PDHPE, and it will also give me all the knowledge and resources I need to become a great teacher.”

So now that you know where Angela plans to take her ACPE qualification, where would you take yours?  Would you build a career in sports? Perhaps a health or dance career is more up your alley. Well if you’re ready to get moving in to your dream career contact one of our Student Enrolment Advisors and discover how ACPE can help make your career dreams a reality.


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