Tackle your HSC Biology exam like a BOSS

by frank-stuart

If you’re one of the many students who have their Biology exam on Monday, then I have two words for you – good luck. JOKES! I actually have five words for you – ACPE is here to help. That’s right Biology buddies, we’ve gotten our greatest minds together and come up with a few helpful tips to help you nail that early morning exam (you’re welcome!)

1. You’re not the only one going through the ‘Biology blues’

Remembering that you’re not the only one who is stressing about learning everything in the syllabus will do wonders for your confidence (and stress levels).


2. Don’t compare your study habits to your friends

Just because your classmates have been studying since July, doesn’t mean that your efforts in the last couple of weeks have been for nothing. Stick to your study style (after all not everyone learns the same) and just keep revising the facts – practice makes perfect after all!


3. Stay calm – you’ve got this!

This is probably the hardest tip to follow, as it has to do with your own ‘study conscious’ (the have I studied enough part).  If you’ve put in the hours (or even if you haven’t) it is not the end of the world, honestly by just turning up and sitting the exam you’ve won the battle.


4. There is life after your exams

Once the examiner says pens down on your Biology exam, it’s time to start planning for what comes next. Of course you’ll probably run out of the room saying “that exam wasn’t soo hard” with a MASSIVE smile on your face (see SpongeBob below for a reference), but what comes next – who cares! You’ve just finished ANOTHER exam #winning!


Are you one of those ‘sensible’ students? Want to know what life will be like after your exams (even if your ATAR isn’t soo crash hot)? Well just have a look through our HSC eBook and discover how easy it is to get moving into your dream career with ACPE.


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