Top 10 things you don't know about ACPE

by frank-stuart

Whether you’re a high school student studying for your HSC, a first year student at ACPE or just wondering what life is like at our campus, here is a little taste of what you can experience as a student at ACPE…

1. Local Community

In Orientation Week or O-Week, students participate in a small group challenge to race around Sydney Olympic Park to explore all that the Park has to offer. ACPE students have access to world-class facilities for theory and practical classes on a weekly basis and when better to explore these facilities than in your first week of College! For more information about O Week for the July Intake, visit ACPE website.

2. Community Focused

The ACPE Cultural Experience program began in 2011 and saw a group of students and staff travel to Cambodia. ACPE embarked upon this overseas volunteering opportunity for our students to develop personal and professional skills, focus on groups in need and understand the difference between our fortunate lives and the lives of young people and their families in developing countries. In 2011, the students raised over $11,000 over 4 months prior to the trip, where they worked with kids from the Cambodian Children’s Fund. The ACPE students prepared an engaging physical activity, dance and health program and taught sport for 2 weeks. What an awesome experience it was for the ACPE students. Many have commented on how this experience changed their lives. The final project of the trip involved the ACPE students building houses in a remote village for six families. The opportunity to hand them blankets and pillows and pass on to them their new living facilities was amazing. Consider applying for the next ACPE Cultural Experience program!

3. Student Values

Our student values are encompassed in our REACH project – representing our five key values…

  • R – Respect
  • E – Excellence
  • A – Autonomy
  • C – Community
  • H – Health

Consider joining our Student Representative Group (SRG) so you can be involved in shaping the services and values at ACPE.

 4. Get Social

Wednesday is traditionally the time where students catch up and get involved in the activities on campus. There is a common hour when all classes stop and students come together. We often have BBQ’s, social sport, and other activities on campus in keeping with our community feel. This is also a time where students can take part in workshops or courses to develop their personal and profession skills relating to their degrees. We also hold meetings and Student Representative Group meetings during this period so we can catch up with the students and spend time together being active and social.

5. Alpha Group

Students with the highest GPA are invited to join our Alpha Group. Dr Kathie Ardzejewska developed this program for the BHM (Sport) degree students but it was recently expanded to include all degree programs at the College. As a reward for high academic achievement, are selected based on their GPA to join the Alpha Group. Students meet regularly to network as a group, sharing common goals and interests in their field of study and even to form study groups for exams. The Alpha Group also has access to a comprehensive guest-speaking program. New students are encouraged to work hard and reap the benefits by becoming involved in this unique and thoroughly worthwhile program at ACPE.

6. Serious Business

Networking events and career development opportunities are a key component of each degree at ACPE. The Sports Business Society and the Coaching Leadership Group take this one step further by selecting representatives in their respective degrees to lead the events program and volunteer opportunities for their peers. Consider meeting the next leaders in your profession by joining these rewarding groups.

7. Get Involved

ACPE has a very strong volunteer program that in the last 6 months has placed volunteers in 42 community events in the last 6 months. Events include school sports carnivals, special needs days, corporate sports events and ACPE events. Our partnership with the Department of Education and Communities School Sports Unit has seen ACPE students lead ‘Come and Try’ Disability Sports days since 2009 across the Sydney region from the Central Coast to Penrith and the Illawarra.

8. Academic Success

The College Medal and Academic Achievement Awards are awarded at the ACPE Graduation Ceremony each year. You should always strive for academic excellence in your studies as it doesn’t matter how engaged you were at school, you are in a new environment where anyone has the ability to achieve success. The ACPE Annual Awards Night is held at the end of Semester 2 every year. It recognises academic, sporting and University Games success. At this ceremony, academic awards are bestowed upon the highest academic achievers in each year of each degree. Depending on whether it is an Olympic or Commonwealth Games year, our elite athletes are recognised for their international success. Locally, our University Games participants are celebrated with individual and team awards at this event. You can vote for the ‘Team of the Year’ or the ‘Best and Fairest’ in each sport. Our elite athletes, International Students and staff attend the event. It is a fun-filled and much anticipated event on the ACPE yearly calendar.

9. International Student Activities

ACPE has a wonderful and diverse cohort of International Students from far reaching corners of the globe. The International Students have a social program that involves staff and students and they would love to extend their social networks and get to know you! Our goal is to ensure the International Students know each other well but we also want them to get to know as many students as possible. International Students get involved in the ACPE Mentor Program as ‘Student Leaders’ and have their own social program to orient themselves with the Park, our Australian culture and our delicious food.

10. Keep Connected

We like to know where you are now. We have many alumni who contact us to take advantage of our volunteer program and take on students as volunteers for their events. It’s a great way for us to see where our graduates are now and what school/organisation they are at. It all comes full circle as we send new students out into the workforce to be mentored by other ACPE students who have been in their place year’s prior. The ACPE family is huge and one can always find someone from ACPE anywhere in the world.

Do you have any other great places to study, relax or even eat or drink at ACPE? Don’t forget to leave us a comment.

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By Angelee Boyd – Associate Dean (Student Services) at ACPE

Angelee commenced at ACPE in 2002 and in 2007 and was appointed Associate Dean (Student Services). She has held Course Convenor roles for the Bachelor of Education and the BHM (Sport) degrees and managed the Elite Athlete Program. Angelee is currently on leave in the USA with her family for 2012 and is still developing and leading online units for ACPE. She will graduate with her PhD in July 2012.

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