Understanding entry requirements

by frank-stuart

Each higher education provider has entry requirements that must be met in order for a student to enrol in a course. These entry requirements exist to ensure the student applying is suitable for the course.

Entry requirements will be different depending on the provider so it is important to research what entry requirements exist for the course you are interested in.

At ACPE, they aim to make admission accessible to a diverse range of students. If you are thinking about applying for a degree with ACPE, ask yourself the following questions to see if you may be eligible for entry.

General Admission Criteria

  • Did you achieve above an average of 65 in your HSC raw marks? To calculate this, take your highest 10 units completed, add them together and then divide by 10.
  • OR Do you have a qualification from a recognised Higher Education Provider?
  • OR Do you have a Diploma or Certificate from a TAFE of other recognised vocational education provider?
  • OR Have you completed one year full-time (or equivalent) at university?
  • OR Could you demonstrate to the Dean that you would make a good student at the college? You could do this by demonstrating relevant work experience and motivation to study and succeed in your chosen course.


  • Applicants who do not meet the direct entry requirements may be asked to participate in a short interview and achieve a satisfactory outcome
  • Applicants for the Bachelor of Dance Education and Bachelor of Applied Dance are required to attend a dance audition and achieve a satisfactory outcome
  • An Applicant for an undergraduate teacher education degree course, such as the  Bachelor of Health & Movement or Bachelor of Education (Dance Education), must provide evidence to the college that he or she has  attained an English proficiency of Band 4 or higher in the NSW High School Certificate, or equivalent

If you are unable to demonstrate that you meet the General Admission Criteria, the college may consider you for a Provisional Admission. As a Provisional Admission Applicant, the Dean will set conditions that will need to be met such as a minimum pass grade and at times the Dean may require you to provide evidence that conditions are being met.

International students

International students who would like to enrol in a degree must demonstrate they have met general admission criteria and must be over the age of 18. Students must also complete an English Language Proficiency Test and provide results to the college.  International students can visit our website for more information >

The ACPE admissions team is there to help students enrol in their chosen course. If you are still unsure, or if you would like to speak to the admissions team, call 1300 302 867 or visit acpe.edu.au


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