Working as a sports development officer

by frank-stuart

If your passion lies in developing sports programs, then a career as a sports development officer is ideal for you. As a sports development officer, you would work to provide opportunities for participation in sport across all communities. Here’s what you can expect from the role:

  • Sports development officers organise sports-related activities, classes, programmes, coaching, club development and training.
  • They will distribute information across all sections of the community, targeting those who want to participate for recreational purposes and even compete at higher levels.
  • The main role of a sports development officer is to increase participation in all kinds of sports.
  • You would also be responsible for promoting health and addressing issues with local schools, charities, national governing bodies and work in partnership with government bodies to deliver sports initiatives.
  • Some of the tasks you can be expected to perform include:

– Identifying, planning and implementing sport, recreation and health initiatives
– coordinating, delivering and promoting sports events and activities
– employing, training, supporting, developing and managing coaches and volunteer staff;
– raising awareness of fitness and health issues
– attending seminars, conferences and writing reports
– developing relationships with organisations, schools and charities
– managing sports facilities


  • As a sports development officer, you can also specialise in certain areas, including working as aa disability sports development officer.
  • You may begin start your career as an assistant sports development officer and work your way up to a managerial position
  • Salaries will vary widely and are dependent on specialist areas, regions and types of employers.
  • Working as a sports development involves flexible hours – including weekends and school holidays. You might even been required to work evenings and travel for your role.
  • Although the work does involve outdoor activities, some sports development officers will spend a lot of their time doing admin tasks.
  • To be a successful sports development officer you should have a passion for sport, business and admin acumen, an interest in coaching, exceptional interpersonal skills, amazing organisational skills and resilience to develop, plan, promote and execute programs.
  • A nationally recognised qualification is often required to work in this field. And you can gain employment through networking, coaching and sports admin roles.


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