Yoda isn’t the only one with all of the answers

by frank-stuart

When it comes to getting answers to the tough questions, no one (real or fictional) has as much wisdom as Yoda. Yes I may be a little biased (as I’m a Star Wars fan), but you have to admit if you want an answer to a tough problem there are few people who you would turn to before Yoda.

Well unfortunately as Yoda isn’t real (sad face), many of us have to ask the people around us for help making the big decisions such as “What should I study after school? Is now the right time to change careers? Will a career in fitness be everything it’s cracked up to be?” Well if you’re asking yourself these questions then I’ve got some good news for you! The team at ACPE are having a Q&A night in a couple of weeks where you will get the opportunity to ask all of those hard-hitting questions.

Join the winning team at ACPE in 2016

Whether you want to study sport, health, dance or education (or you’re still deciding), the friendly team at ACPE will help you get moving into your dream career. With academics, support staff and current students on hand to answer all of your college-related questions, why would you miss this opportunity to sort out next year before you get stuck into the silly season?

To find out more or to RSVP, just click on the image below and discover just how knowledgeable the team at ACPE really are – sorry Yoda, but you’ve got some serious competition.


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